Fish. Or Die.

Who Are We?

We are an ever growing, ever changing group of anglers. We are dedicated to the sport of fishing, to nature, and to getting more people involved in fishing. We shoot videos and photographs in the chase for big fish all across Ontario.


Our goal is to show you the fish that are available to you. Not at expensive lodges, or out with guides, or even on expensive lures you can only afford to buy one per year of. We are about fishing in it's truest form. For sport. Hone it in, learn the seasonal patterns, check out some new tips and maybe just maybe use the information on our videos and website to catch some hawgs in YOUR backyard!

Find us on Facebook at "The Action Angling Group" and share your photos and experience with us, and other fishing fanatics from across the nation.


Skipper's Tackle has signed on as a sponsor for Richard Sims and Action Angling as of July 10th 2015!

We are proud to represent the Skipper and his fine lineup of quality products in all future video, photo and social network updates, and of course in person on the water!

Check out his website and get in on the quality tackle and big smiles included with all Skipper's purchases.


Action Angling began in 2004 as sort of a satire/comical set of fishing videos, highlighting the escapades of Richard Sims and Eric Hanans on their ventures around Norfolk County. Though the destinations may sometimes be the same, the videos have changed. They have grown, and matured like both Rich and Eric - and the team.

All images on this site are the exclusive property of Action Angling unless otherwise stated. Reproduction or use for capital gain is strictly prohibited.